Land Of Medicine Buddha

Retreat time is a wonderful way to develop a personal practice. We need to create sustained times of silence to allow for the teachings and the training to penetrate our defensive mind structures. We can begin enjoying the essence of time to simply sit and observe, and time actually slows down enough to have an authentic relationship with our deepest sense of being. Last month I had the opportunity to retreat in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California with my […]

suzanne marlow


Welcome to my new website! These past few years have been an incredible journey, and the last 2 have really blown my mind. This past year I completed all of my training (3000 hours of clinical work), to become a licensed Psychotherapist (MFT). The process it’s taken to get to this point has been one of persistent passion. Currently I am studying for the exams, and I have to admit that they simply seem a little daunting, yet I am […]