yogaSuzanne’s passion for teaching yoga is to connect body, mind and heart. Her class is suitable for all levels, it includes meditation and a slow vinyasa flow holding the yoga postures postures in a light yin style. The practice is designed to enhance the students’ psycho-spiritual awareness. Discovering conditioned patterns held in the body and mind allows more opportunities towards freedom. A mindful practice creates space to pause and relax with whatever arises. With this gentle acceptance there comes skill to let go of the defenses that hide our true nature. Suzanne’s purpose for teaching in this way is to create a refuge within the class that allows her students’ to explore a little deeper.

Private sessions are a wonderful way to work one on one to develop a practice to suit your individual needs. If you are a person dealing with physical injury or limitations in movement and individual session would help you to adapt your practice to enter a larger class situation. Private sessions are also a good way to help assist the healing process whether that be on a physical level or while in the midst of personal transformation to gain greater insight.

“Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live.” – Goethe