Welcome to my new website! These past few years have been an incredible journey, and the last 2 have really blown my mind. This past year I completed all of my training (3000 hours of clinical work), to become a licensed Psychotherapist (MFT). The process it’s taken to get to this point has been one of persistent passion. Currently I am studying for the exams, and I have to admit that they simply seem a little daunting, yet I am confident that I will complete this passage over the next year. When licensed I plan to begin a private practice, where I can work with people individually, in relationships, and in groups. My dedicated practice of yoga and meditation prove to be the centering forces, stoking the fire of determination and nurturing the cool waters of patience.

While finishing my last year of Clinical training my teachers Sarah and Ty Powers opened The Insight Yoga Institute. All of the trainings I have experienced with Sarah and Ty over the past decade have been exquisitely choreographed into deep, profound and simple teachings. So, when Ty explained their 2 year program to me, I jumped on board immediately. Over the 2 years I was able to sit with some very seasoned practitioners in Yoga, Buddhism, and Psychology. Although it was a stretch at times to be away ; that stretch helped me to grow in ways I could never have imagined. The group was small so there were many opportunities to have a direct dialog with the teachers. As a group we have become very close, through spending many hours together in silence, in yoga, and in psycho-spiritual process. I’d say we are like family, sangha, spiritual friends.

I also met a couple who are close friends of Sarah and Ty. These two people have inspired me probably more than they will ever know. Deborah Coffey and Keith Bailey have taught me so much about so many things. Deborah a master in wholesome cooking has taught me how to cook and eat real food. Keith, a master in communication and marketing, has helped me create my first workshops, and then coached me to find my niche. Here now you’ll see our collaborative efforts to create this beautiful website. Over the past couple of years I really have grown to appreciate the importance of relationship. We really have to be willing to risk becoming vulnerable and compassionate with one another to find the depth of connection that many of us hunger for.

Please take a look around, let me know your thoughts. Through our practices together in class, workshops, and with our individual efforts made in our communities may we truly be of benefit for the good of all.


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