Land Of Medicine Buddha


om mani padme hung

Retreat time is a wonderful way to develop a personal practice. We need to create sustained times of silence to allow for the teachings and the training to penetrate our defensive mind structures. We can begin enjoying the essence of time to simply sit and observe, and time actually slows down enough to have an authentic relationship with our deepest sense of being.

Last month I had the opportunity to retreat in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California with my core Insight Yoga teachers: Sarah and Ty Powers, and my favorite Dharma teachers: Thannisara and Kittasaro. Everyday we practiced meditation and yoga in the mornings, ate breakfast, and then sat for dharma teachings and learned different meditation skills until lunch. During our lunch break I would hike through the enchanted redwood forest for a couple hours and simply absorb the essence of the earth. The afternoons were filled with the rich teachings of Buddha, long sits, and then yin yoga before supper. After dinner we would listen to anecdotal stories and chant. This all done in social silence for 5 days, which gave the students time to really let go and absorb the lessons.

I always get a chuckle when people think that meditation retreats are like spa days…Haha, really I have to be honest, the work can be tough, and sometimes slightly torturous. Yet, the rewards are reflected in every action of my day to day life. Om Mani Padme Hung…Everything we are searching for is right here.

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